Opal Systems

Bridging the Digital Divide

About Us

Opal Systems is a global business consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas, with  expertise extending across key industries, domestic and international clients and  areas such as sales, manufacturing, finance, accounting, business strategy, supply chain, logistics and procurement.

Opal Systems has been delivering exceptional consulting services and staffing with the highest satisfaction ratings from our clients. We mainly provide consulting services in SAP technology, but recently we are flexing our muscle in non-ERP based technologies.

We have long believed in stronger companies and the talented resources who help them grow even stronger. Decades of experience have educated us how to best concentrate on the technical and economic needs of our partners, proficiently help out candidates in plotting a course through their own exclusive career development. We understand that every client is unique, and that paying vigilant consideration to the specific needs of every stakeholder, from our multi-national clients to our highly skilled consultants, is the only way to ensure success for everyone involved.