Opal Systems

Bridging the Digital Divide

SAP Implementation
We have expertise in providing diverse and specialist consultants to address every need of a strong foundation of SAP Installation and successful implementation.
SAP Production Support
Up and running SAP systems need timely and effective support to meet the business demands, our consultants have endured high pressure production systems.
Upgrades & Enhancements
Do you want to upgrade or enhance any SAP Modules or components? Do you want to add more modules in your ERP system?
We have worked or are currently working with client including retail, manufacturing, financial institutes, construction, pharmaceuticals, utilities and oil & gas industries.

About Opal Systems:

At Opal, we believe that finding the perfect SAP resource is like finding a gem. We can help you find the right gem. The market has abundance of SAP resources but the right resource with right experience for your needs can provide solid return of investment and make the project successful. Opal Systems specializes in enterprise solutions consulting and has a roster of highly experienced SAP consultants who have worked for Fortune 500 clients.

What We Do

Like precious opals can express every color in the visible spectrum, we at Opal Systems, can provide every specialist in SAP spectrum. Opal Systems is a global business consulting firm with expertise extending across key industries, domestic and international clients and areas such as human resources, sales, manufacturing, finance, accounting, business strategy, supply chain, logistics and procurement.

Opal Systems is a Houston, TX based company which has been delivering exceptional consulting services and staffing resources with the highest satisfaction ratings from clients and partners. We endeavor to become our clients’ most trusted business partner in providing best solutions and skilled SAP consultants.